Friday, 26 October 2012

A Period Of Honesty

This is a must-see for any woman with a sense of humour, and thanks to Golden Girl Finance (I live in hope) for the links.
Read Richard Neill's plaint to Bodyform on Facebook about how their advertising had misled him here.
And then watch Bodyform's brilliant video response here.
It's worth watching twice.  Maybe I'm the only person on the continent that hasn't seen all of this. 

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Back In The Land Of The Living

Me, who never gets colds or flu has had a stinky cold for over 5 weeks.  Although it could be more than one:  there were 3 different viruses going the rounds and I could have all three of them playing tag-team.  So the poor blog suffered.  Not as bad as my house suffered.  And still suffers.  Much more important to catch up on making things and the blog than catching up with Dewey hair.
I discovered a nifty patina for textured copper!  Somebody left a metallic silver sharpie in the store and the minute I saw it, it was in my pocket.  Couldn't wait to try it and I'm not disappointed.
It causes an optical illusion in the pictures, because what is showing as little lumps are actually the silver dimples.  It gives a silvery sheen to the copper; a really nice glow and as the copper gets its own patina, the silver will look even nicer.
The silver looks different depending on the angle of the earrings, so it will change as the earrings swing.
Wish it looked better in the picture, though, you don't get the proper effect so you'll have to try it yourself.

These earrings were fun to make.  Hand cut and textured, a sparkly golden stone riveted over a silver disc and more silver discs below the fine silver ear wires.

 This is a very different necklace, with a .999 silver flower in a .999 ring, with a sterling cup and sterling balls in the centre. The colour is enamel.  The stones are ruby in zoisite with sterling silver and garnet accent beads.  Halfway up the neck, the necklace is caught by lengths of black silk which tie at the back.  I like the black silk but made it so that if anyone wanted to put a large-link silver chain on instead, it would be a simple switch.

 This is the gorgeous pendant from WindDancer Studios that I won.  To me, it is very Etruscan looking and I wanted to continue that look throughout the necklace, but give it a more modern feel.  So I hammered and drilled a curved piece of copper, used a heavy copper textured curb chain and wove garnets up the left side.  The right side just has a group of three garnets for balance.
Hopefully, I accomplished my goal, but other than the fact that I take lousy pictures, I like it.  Click on any picture for more detail. (if it's not too blurry, haha)