Thursday, 29 October 2009

Bubbles & Butterflies

Whoo Hoo!  Finally had time to get some work done! 

I had a whole bunch of watch faces in my stash and lots of ideas in my head, but when they finally made it to my work (kitchen!) table, they had ideas of their own.  The first watch was supposed to have a pearl and crystal band but I'll have to try that one later and see what it ends up as the third time.  Butterflies kept creeping onto this band and they didn't want pearls.  Time To Fly
The band is approximately 7" and the watch is stainless steel.  Clasp is magnetic (it's upside down in the picture) and the band is all Swarovski crystal and Swarovski crystal findings.  $22 CD


Okay, thought me, we'll put the pearls on the next watch.  Apparently my left brain and right brain don't communicate, because the next watch not only made me go upstairs and root out a stash of funky clear beads that look like gasoline puddles, it made me learn how to do a Peyote stitch. 
I really enjoyed making this - the clasp is right at the watch face ("Life Is Good") so that it can be worn upside down or rightside up, whatever your fancy.

The bubbles really look like bubbles, although my pictures don't show it properly.  It's a very happy, good-mood watch and very unique and pretty.
Stainless steel watch, silver plated  "Life Is Good" clasp, 7 - 7 1/2" in length, clear, resin beads.

Time to think about Christmas presents!

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  1. Oh, I love the watches! Very pretty and Spring-like butterflies. The bubbles are terrific, ditto the "Life is Good" toggle. Nice work. I'll have to learn peyote stitch now ;-)