Monday, 7 December 2009

My Good Sunday

I wonder if there is anyone out there, so confident and sure of their own abilities that they don't need approval and approbation.  Sometimes I feel like my dear dog, wagging my tail when somebody says, "oh, you are such a good girl!"
Every once in awhile the muse visits when I'm making something and I am incredibly proud of the end result.  So it was with the pendant in the picture,  .999 silver, made with silver clay.  It's my interpretation of the Sea Cow Head lighthouse, one of my favorite local places to take visitors.   Because it is pure silver and totally unique, I priced it fairly high and thought it might be a little pricey for the regular customers of my convenience store.
Yesterday, a man came in for milk and stopped dead at my jewelry display.  When he left, he had bought one of my watches and the Sea Cow Head pendant.  The best part was that he asked me to sign the back of my business card so that he could "include the artist's signature with the gift.  It's not just jewelry, it's a piece of art."  Whoo hooo!!!  It's one thing for me to consider it a unique piece of art, but it's like your mother telling you you're pretty - slightly biased and seen through rose colored glasses.  But when a complete stranger says it, well it just has to be so!  (Especially when they back it up with cash!)
So the rest of my Sunday was spent floating several feet off the ground.  It's not my first sale and hopefully, not my last sale, but boys oh boys, to use the local vernacular, it was certainly my most motivating sale.  Thank you, Dave, whoever you are!


  1. Way to go Susan! How wonderful to have something so rewarding!!! You really do have
    talent. I know that the only jewelry that I ever really wore and enjoyed
    were the pieces that you gave me and the ones I bought from you!

  2. Hi Susan, just popped in after seeing your comment on the Metal Clay group- I can see why that pendant flew away so fast - lovely.

    See you around!


  3. My heart melted when I read that...what a wonderful feeling....ire adding things like this makes me want to push myself more...thanks for sharing! -Jehnna