Wednesday, 31 March 2010

My brief career as a photographer - Or...Don't Give Up Your Day Job

New necklace...finally finished with a lot of help from my friends on the forum.  How to take a picture of it was a problem.  The curved sterling tubes need to hang properly to show it properly and the necklace didn't show up well on my black display board. No willing necks available.
No problem - take it outside and use the rough boards as contrast.  Of course it's raining and the rough boards are also wet and muddy. 
This picture does absolutely no justice to the colours.  The orangy stones were labeled as Dragons Veins and they are gorgeous, running the entire yellow to orange spectrum.  Together with the turquoise and mauve (with hints of orange) they just look like summer, which is why I call the necklace Beach Weather.
The colours show up better in this picture, especially the Dragon Veins and the fluorite focal.
The necklace sells for $40 and the photography is free.  I do not do weddings.

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  1. Another gorgeous piece. Beautiful colours. Your photos are a lot better than mine :)