Monday, 3 January 2011

Who's Going To Boss Us Now?

Dear old Twice, boss of the house, guardian of her universe, gave up the good fight today. It'll seem so strange, walking one dog and being able to socialize with other dogs (Twice would not let other dogs near me), being able to lie on the couch without a dog sitting on my chest, sleeping without a dog under the covers (she was always cold) and not having an empty food dish pushed all around the kitchen until it was filled. She loved balls that she could push, and would yowl at the orange treat ball that needed to be filled every night. When it was filled with kibble, she'd push it all around the lower floor and Dewey would trail along behind her, helping her clean up the kibble as it dropped out. If Dewey had the nerve to be sitting beside me, she'd jump up between us and give him "the look" and he'd leave immediately. She was afraid of nothing or no one, a rottweiler in a little dog coat, even putting the run on a monstrous Irish wolfhound who had the nerve to be in her store parking lot one day. Dewey was probably hiding behind me.
Dewey and I are sure going to miss her.


  1. Oh!
    I'm so sorry, Susan! Loosing a pet is heartbreaking. She's in dog Heaven, looking out for you and Dewey, I'm sure.

    Here's a hug and lots of love.
    Cris from DeCris Creations - Blog

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  2. So sorry to read about Twice, she sounds as remarkable as her name. It's tough when you loose a furry friend.