Monday, 22 August 2011

On Becoming An Older Woman

Being sixty something hasn't bothered me much, other than a bad back from old horse-related injuries. I still work just as hard, probably do more physical work than a lot of twenty and thirty-year-olds and don't think of myself as an older person. Until last week. Last week I actually bought clothes from Alia.
Don't get me wrong, Alia has nice clothing. But it's permed silver-haired, Florida in the winter, matching type clothes. I wouldn't even go in the store until last week. Desperation drove me in, looking for cropped pants, capris, or whatever they're called this year, that had pockets. I need pockets.
What really scared me was that once I got in the store, I saw all sorts of things that I liked! Sets! Embroidered blouses to cover the tummy bulge! Florida type clothes! So I found a pair of nice, light cropped pants with a small blue check on white and of course, I had to have the matching blouse to cover the tummy. All on sale, of course, I won't pay full price for clothing. Put the outfit on to go to town the other day and looked at myself in the mirror and realized I had just bought my very first old lady clothes. It's a sobering moment.

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  1. As a tall, plus-sized 62 year old, I empathize, but you at least can find something to fit!
    Glad you did...don't worry about looking like an 'old lady'...I'll bet you don't, and there is nothing worse than a woman of mature years, or "a certain age" as they say, dressing far too young..
    My rebellion consists of having really long hair..I refuse to get one of those man-cuts as i call them, that so many older women here seem to live in..yuck!