Sunday, 27 May 2012

How Great Leaders Inspire Action

I keep forgetting how much I like Ted Talks.  You can check them out on and you'll find wonderful motivational, inspirational and just plain fascinating subjects.  In fact, you can lose whole days going through their list.
This clip came to my notice in a very roundabout way.  On the way to the recycling centre yesterday, I listened to "The Age Of Persuasion," with Terry O'Reilly on CBC radio, one of my favourite shows about advertising and marketing.  Terry mentioned a "must have" book by Simon Sinek called Start With Why.  When I looked up the book on Amazon, one of the reviews said that the book was good but a person should start with Simon Sinek's clip on Ted.  So I did.
This clip should be watched by anyone who sells.  Sells anything - goods, services or even themself, as in politics. 
Now I have to buy the book and bookmark Ted.


  1. Thanks for the great info.

  2. I love TED talks. I watched the Rebel Designers and Ancient Clues series. Utterly fascinating! Thanks for the tip on Simon Sinek!

  3. One of my favourite sites, too. Will definitely watch and send to a few of my sales friends.