Sunday, 26 August 2012

Million Bells Rock!

The store has two big planters on either side of the door and each year I spend a lot on annuals to make them look pretty.  This year, it was warm in May which is early for putting annuals out in PEI, and I was at the Atlantic Superstore when I spied hanging baskets of Million Bells (Calibrachoa) two for $25.  Couldn't resist - thought that if we had another frost and they died, well, too bad, I was ready for flowers.  I didn't even really dig a big hole in the planters because I was in a hurry to do something else, can't remember what it was, but there's always something else that needs doing, just kind of scratched them in and tried to cover all the roots.  They get lots of sun and my idea of good care is filling an ice cream bucket with water and a teaspoon of Miracle Grow and dumping half on each.  And just look at them!  Yes, I'm proud!

1 comment:

  1. They are beautiful..Susan I'd love to see more of your store!