Monday, 16 November 2009

Magnetic Necklaces and More

Everybody seems to know somebody who sells magnetic jewelry but some of it is no more than decoration.  Does it really work?  Some sellers claim that magnets will cure anything that ails you.  Scientists say that the magnets used in jewelry are too weak to have any effect on blood flow.  Who is right?  The fellows who carry cow magnets in their pockets know for sure that they have a great effect on their credit cards.
I'm not going to make any claims about my magnetic jewelry, other than the fact that it has certainly helped my arthritis.  And it's better made than most of the others you will find.

The hematite:  Magnetic jewelry is traditionally tubular beads and round beads.  The round beads do not have much of a magnetic charge but are necessary to make a necklace, bracelet or anklet drape properly.  My hematite tubes are diamond cut and extra strong and instead of alternating tubular and round, I increase the strength of the piece by using a 1 tubular/1 round, 2 tubular/1 round pattern.  Instead of the traditional fishing line, this jewelry is made using a 19 strand .015" wire, flexible and with a 17 pound test.

The clasp:  Traditional magnetic jewelry has a plastic clasp with magnets, with the line glued inside the clasp.  These comfortable and attractive clasps are  metal with extra-strong magnets. Their exceptional strength makes these some of the most effective pieces of jewelry on the market.  A sterling silver wire guardian keeps the wire from fraying but gives it great flexibility.  Anklet clasps are tubular for more comfort.

All jewelry is guaranteed for workmanship.  Magnetic jewelry should be "rested" for a few days every month or so and some people claim that rest should be on stone or concrete for at least 48 hours.  They can be cleaned with mild soap and water.  Magnetic jewelry should never be worn by people with pacemakers. 
Necklaces - $30
Anklets - $20

The Necklace Efficiency Test:
Clasp your hands in front of you, palms up and hold them about six inches in front of your body.  Have someone push as hard as they can on your clasped hands.  You will lose your balance and step forward.  Put a magnetic necklace on and repeat the whole operation.  If the necklace is a good one, you will be very hard to pull forward, if at all.
This test was told to me by an old fellow who sold really good magnetic jewelry and I couldn't believe what a difference it made!  I've got a lot of upper body strength and it doesn't matter when someone pushes on your hands like that.  You'll step forward.  But with a necklace on, I was like a rock - didn't move!  (Cue the Outer Limits music...)


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  2. Wow..The Necklace is looking to be beautiful. I would like to buy same for myself. Can you give me some idea of price.