Sunday, 22 November 2009

When It All Comes Together

Some artisans are lucky (or smart) enough to be able to make a sketch, detail what they need and then create a piece of jewelry from their own plan.  Not me.  In this case, it was the sunflower charm that started the journey and the bracelet pretty well grew around it.
I cook like that, too.  My mother laughs at me and says she hopes nobody ever asks me for a recipe because even when I start from a recipe, the finished dish has nothing to do with the original.  A little of this...oh, let's try a little of that...  She calls me the Great Substitutor.
I can always tell when I will be really pleased with a finished piece of jewelry.  It grows quickly and there is no hesitation, even while the "little of this" and "little of that" is going on.  Some pieces sit on my bead board for months because they just don't want to grow in my garden.  And if they're forced, just to get them finished, they don't flourish and take forever to sell, if at all.  This bracelet grew like a weed.

Silver Garden
Three strands of sterling silver chain with swarovski crystal cubes, sterling beads and silver plated charms.  The clasp is sterling silver.

$40 CDN

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