Sunday, 6 June 2010

As I've got older, my lungs' tolerance for chemicals is getting lower at an alarming rate.  Perfume, men's cologne or aftershave, cleaning products, anything with a chemical base will send me into a paroxysm of coughing and a dash for my puffer.  With all the "perfume free" signs everywhere, you'd think people would clue in but there are still women and men alike who literally bathe in the chemical stew they call scent.  In my day (yeah, yeah, showing my age here) we were taught that you spritzed the air in front of you and stepped through the cloud of droplets, and that would give you just enough scent to be smelled within your personal space.  Some people seem to feel they should broadcast their scent, like creatures broadcasting pheromes to attract a mate. Yuck, what the heck are these people attracting?
The cleaning solution I use for the store is a bottle of alcohol, a cup or so of vinegar, three tbsp. of liquid dish soap in a gallon jug, filled with water.  Works great, smells nice and keeps the floor shiny.  We keep a spray bottle with a tablespoon of bleach and water mixed, and use it to spray anything used for eating.  And another one that is half vinegar and half water for cleaning counters, windows, glass fronts, the top of the ice cream machine...anything we feel like, basically.  I spritz a little on a paper towel and use the damp towel to run over the cash register and interac machines.
Well, I started this thread because my brother-in-law sent me a great video, and immediately got on my soap box about chemicals.  I also haven't figured out how to put a video on my blog, so only have the link, but check this out - a serious subject but one of the funniest presentations I've seen.  I'm still giggling about it:

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  1. That is hysterical! I have the same problem with scents and chemicals, so I understand. Awesome video. may I use it too?