Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Harry's New Job As Goodwill Ambassador

Harry and his John Deere have found a new calling in life.  Those of you who read about Harry and the chicken will remember that I mentioned how goodhearted he was.  As he and the Deere were putting down the road Sunday, Harry came upon a STRANGER walking down Route 112 near the creek.  I'm sure the fact that it was a good-looking 20-something girl from Korea had nothing to do with the fact that he stopped, but fact is, he stopped and asked her if she wanted a ride somewhere.  She thought she might see some water if she walked far enough, so Harry invited her to step onto the blade cover and he took her for a scenic tour.  Understanding that lawnmower travel might take more than a few hours, Harry, the lawnmower and the girl detoured into a farm and picked up eighteen-year-old Dirk, who had access to a car. This girl is either very trusting or she knows that no trouble can come from being picked up by a man on a lawnmower.
Harry, the girl and Dirk, but not the lawnmower, went on a whirlwind tour, visiting McConnell's Point, with a little lighthouse and a great view across the water to Summerside; Chelton Beach for some great photo ops of the Confederation Bridge; Sea Cow Head for the lighthouse and red cliffs, and last but not least, the lambs at Dirk's place.
"I really had to keep an eye on the young fellow," Harry stated.  "He was pretty much in love by the time we got home."  The young lady from Korea had visited the Island thinking it was small enough to walk and bike around to most places and she booked her stay at Historic Maplethorpe in Bedeque, one of the nicest B & Bs available, but not without a car.  She was probably resigned to seeing nothing but lilacs and creeks until she ran into Harry and the Deere.  "When we were at Sea Cow Head, she put her arm around me and had Dirk take our picture together!"  Harry grinned.  "Me, not Dirk.  My picture will be all the way to Korea!"
I wonder how long it will be before he puts the wagon complete with armchair back on the lawn tractor and offers free tours?


  1. I love this. I remember him at 7am and I was wondering who in Hell was cutting their lawn so early in the morning.

  2. It's always a pleasure to read your lovely stories, Susanna! I love it when I can find the time to do some blog reading and it's so much fun to come read you.
    Thank you.