Thursday, 19 August 2010

My Idea of Tweeting - Another Bird

I find tweeting very difficult.  Can't figure out why anyone would want to know what I'm doing or thinking.  So why do I feel comfortable posting on my blog?  Pictures?  Dunno, don't care enough to worry about it.

Toucan Dance
Shipwreck Beads has some terrific Peruvian ceramics and a bag of birds (nice alliteration there) has been sitting on my table for some reason or other.

If I stare at stuff long enough, it usually provokes, shames or inspires me into making something and this is the second of my birds.  I love this toucan and I love the way he can swivel on his perch and face left, right or forward.  I really liked the parrot but think I like the toucan even better. 

He's sitting on a hammered argentium perch and has a double chain, both round and diamond links to lampwork beads, and then just the round sterling links and two more lampwork beads.  This necklace does not have or need a clasp because it should be long enough to go over any head.  If it goes over mine, which it does, it should be fine with any other head.  Except maybe my son's, but it wouldn't suit him anyway.

Toucan Dance is $50 when I can part with him.  He's still sitting on my kitchen table so that I can admire him every once in awhile.  Not my work, just the bird and the beads.  Look at the way the light shines through the lampwork.  Maybe on a cloudy day, I'll take him out to the store.

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