Thursday, 31 March 2011

Yay, First Beach Day!

Yeah, it's going to snow tomorrow night. Mother Nature is playing a cruel April Fools joke on us with 15 cm of snow tomorrow night and then rain but today was gloriously sunny with no wind and the perfect day to take the dogs to the beach.
This was Corky's first trip in the truck since he arrived and he wasn't sure he wanted to get in so he got a little help. (I hope he gets over that before he gains too much weight!) And because I feel guilty letting Corky gambol without a leash, I decided this would be the day Dewey would taste freedom. Just for insurance, I took a bag of wieners. Smart move.
Corky had a wonderful time. He galloped and sniffed and galloped some more and kept checking to make sure I was close. He was just the picture of an extremely happy dog having a joyful time. Dewey...he seemed to have a different agenda and whatever it was, it was happening in the opposite direction to the way I was going. He'd get almost out of sight and I'd call and call and he'd completely ignore me. So I'd call and ask him if he wanted a hot dog and he'd stop and look. If I waved a wiener at him he'd run back but he'd make sure I really had one before he would change direction. He'd stay with us for a few minutes and turn around and away he'd go again. He was only getting little pieces but it was a three wiener trip before I finally snapped the flexi-lead back on him. I wish I knew what was going on in Dewey's head.
No pictures at the beach today but the boys went upstairs to make a mess of my bed when they came home and I wanted to get a picture of Dewey's new haircut.
Corky was quite indignant that I wanted to take a picture of Dewey. Dewey? Why would you want Dewey?


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