Saturday, 9 April 2011

Housework Be Darned!

Saturday is my "day off" in quotation marks because it's actually the day I have scheduled to do my laundry, my accounting and my housework. So the laundry got done, I did my books as far as I could until the next bank statement comes and came downstairs to do some housecleaning.
So the dogs and I went to the beach.
Great progress today. Corky jumped right in the truck; He was as excited as Dewey to be going for a ride. Much nicer than having to hoist him in. And Dewey, once he realized I had a pocket full of wieners, stayed right with us, except when I pulled the camera out. I had to take my pictures quickly and then let him see that the camera was put away and a wiener was in my hand before he'd come back. Darned dog!
The first picture is my thumb accidentally hitting the shutter button but I like the tilted ocean and bridge. The rest are of Corky learning about waves, hunting, playing and relaxing after his walk. Except for the one with Dewey leaving quickly in the background. Weird little dog!
Now I have to decide between dusting and napping...


  1. Anything, even napping,is preferrable to dusting - as my Mother used to always joke, "If you don't move anything you can't see the dust" least, I think she was joking...

  2. Oh, how I agree! Great photos of Corky. He looks like a splendid canine friend.