Friday, 22 April 2011

Oh Be Joyful Argentium Cuff

I don't often make jewelry for myself because I don't wear it often. This cuff was an idea I had in my head and I thought it was a little too different to be saleable but it was crazy and funky enough that it really suited me, so I made it from copper and made it big for a big wrist. When it was finished, I liked it so much that it begged to be made in silver.
It's the embodiment of jewelry making for me. Fun to make, just go where the wire and the beads take you, it wiggles and jiggles so that it's never perfectly aligned, but when the sun shines on the silver, the garnets and the prehnite, to me, it's beautiful. Here's my version in silver of the Oh Be Joyful Cuff.

1 comment:

  1. Love the cuff in silver. The hook is great, too. Can't wait to get past the wedding so that I can focus on some work for me!