Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

I don't do New Year's resolutions.  A brand-new, fresh year seems to be the time to decide on big changes and since my changes don't usually last very long when they're made that way, I just don't bother any more with the New Year thing.  Changes in your life need careful thought and determination, not the excitement of putting up a new calendar with fresh new pages.
This year is a little different.  I have actually made a resolution, not exactly a New Year's resolution, it just happened to be made around the Holidays.  My cousin Vicky sent an email with a TedX youTube attachment, about happiness and it got me thinking.  I always seem to be waiting for something to happen in order to do something that will make me happy.  Every year I endure winter in misery, waiting for summer to come back.  I've been waiting for my store to sell so that I can retire and be happy.  All of a sudden I'm at an age where people actually start dying off and I realized that I just don't have time to wait.  It's not like I'm not enjoying life as it is.  I'm just not appreciating that enjoyment. 
So right now, I stop waiting.  Take life a day at a time and quit wishing it was tomorrow.  It's not going to be easy and I'm not going to get all weird and Pollyannish and find reasons not to hate the short days and cold, wet feet.  I have to remember and savour the moments that happen every day that make me laugh or make me happy.  Thank goodness for goofy dogs and strange people.  And I still hate winter.
Happy 2012!

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