Wednesday, 4 January 2012

I'm Going To Explode!

Today, I have to explode on paper.
I love a good argument.  Anybody who has ever known me for more than 24 hours will know that fact about me and, if you asked them anything about me, it's probably the first thing that they'd tell you.  When Survivor was first becoming so popular on television, a bunch in the office tried to decide who would win if our entire office was on the program.  They told me I had won and I was feeling all warm and fuzzy because they all liked me so much until they said that I would have hung on to near the end because of my likeability.  Then, with only a few people to argue with, I would have driven them crazy arguing about things and the rest of them would quit.
That wasn't very nice.  I don't correct people or assume that my way is the only way; I just like to discuss things.  To death.  If I have a decision to make in my life, I'll even argue the pros and cons with myself.
These past few days, I'm either going to explode or my blood pressure is going to cause me to have a massive stroke right here in the store.  All because I'm keeping my mouth shut and not arguing.  And forgot to turn my brain off.
Yesterday, it started with the postal service.  Yeah, it's bad but it's cheaper than any other form of transport for small goods.  Until I was informed in no uncertain terms that Purolator was cheaper.  A little discussion elicited the fact that Purolator, a courier service, would send goods from Alberta for $5.  And it would get here in two days.  Yup!  The reason for this miracle is because all planes that are flying to other countries have to go to Alberta to refuel.  Because it's halfway, you know.
Yup.  Even if they're flying to Ireland (from Atlantic Canada) they go west if they're flying to Europe.
I got through yesterday without an explosion although my teeth hurt from clenching them.  But two days in a row is hard on the health.  Today, I was working on my computer when he arrived, so the talk was about computers.  They have three laptops and:  get a new one every year because the father-in-law gets a new one every year and gives them the old one; take them in to get them upgraded after a year and the computer people can't upgrade them because they're three years old and outdated; because they're three years old and they can't be upgraded, they're no good so they get thrown out. Yes, it's the memory too.  They get full and the computer people won't put more memory in because they can't be upgraded.  And these computers are so sophisticated that you can't put the memory in yourself.  They have to be taken apart and cleaned first.   You can't use a computer unless it's upgraded.  The father-in-law, a mechanic, is getting them upgraded so high that he can get into government sites. 
It's cruel to even think about arguing with all of this.  What I've mentioned is only the tip of the iceberg, but I forget things in a few days for my own sanity.  I'm not arrogant enough to be thinking that it wouldn't be a fair fight; he would have the advantage of arguing with a woman and everyone knows that women aren't quite as smart as men and tend to argue more a certain times.  Mmmmmphhhhhhmmmmphhhhhhhhhhh
But it wouldn't be an argument.  My idea of a good argument is one where two sides have opposing views and can debate their positions, either persuading their opponent or agreeing to disagree.  This wouldn't be an argument.  It would be a freaking fight!
So each day I smile, I listen with one ear in case I need to make a response and try to find a mental distraction after he leaves.  He's a good man, a nice man and will do anything for you, but he is very hard on the blood pressure.  Thank you for letting me vent!


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  4. Vent away, dear! You're too funny, Susanna!

    Why don't you try to use humor to help out with your blood pressure issue? Find a way to silently giggle every time that guy shows up. It'll be easier on the blood pressure! ;)

    (I had written a very long, very funny comment but when I hit "publish" google hiccuped and it's gone!)

    Love ya!
    Cris, from DeCris Creations - Blog
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