Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Captured Bead Tutorial

This is the first tutorial I've done and probably the last.  I can't stand to see my shaking hands up close and the huffing and puffing trying to start the camera and get in position and then turn it off afterwards isn't pretty.
I saw a captured bead bracelet online and loved it but couldn't find any instructions, so I tried it and found it to be very simple and easy to do.  One error in the video - in the first set of jump rings, after the first bead is inserted, it says "pick up all six."  That should be all four.
Anyway, here it is and I hope it is easy enough to understand and gives someone a new technique that they didn't have.  And I'm not giving up my day job.


  1. Brava Susanna! Well done, easy to understand, and a gorgeous bracelet to boot! :)

  2. Hurray..well done. I think I could actually do this one.

  3. I wish i could see it, but my 'puter won't let me see any vids these days..and can't seem to fix it *sigh*

    1. No..and I keep trying, but can't figure it out..*sob*

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  5. Hi Susan, you did a good job, but you should have shown your pretty face.
    Hugs friend, Charlotte

  6. Wonderful, Susan!!! You did a great job on this tutorial, and I really like that caged bead pattern!
    Chris :D

  7. Awesome job! I have seen a tutorial for the cage but couldn't make heads or tails of it. You have made it very clear and it looks so easy I really want to give it a try :) Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. I can follow your instructions... I did try to make something out of that chain from a picture last year... without much success... may try again now that I've seen how to do it!

    Saw your comment on Daisychain jewellery...

    Where are you in Canada now? Cape Breton... I'm a western Canadian transplant who now resides on a small Island in the Bay of Fundy (NB) and runs a seasonal art & craft Gallery ...

    You don't have email contact on your blog...

    Here's mine fireball.beeds at gmail.com