Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Copper Bird Clasps

These clasps can be used as a toggle clasp or fixed on one side and used with an "S" hook on the other.  Or use your imagination; I'd love to see some other people's designs with them.
Bird One:  2" or 5 cm. from beak to tip of tail.  He would sit horizontally, as shown.  The blue on my computer screen is darker than his actual colour, which is more a teal blue.  His position gives the opportunity of setting beads or wires below him for perching or nesting.

Bird 2 is meant to sit on a slight vertical angle, so would be best in a necklace.  He's also 2" or 5 cm. long and has a bit of an antique patina.  He's very elegant in person. 
Bird 3 is obviously a budgie or parrot judging from the type of beak and he has a beautiful blue patina.  He would probably sit on a slight upright angle so might be best for a necklace. 

Bird 4 has a patina that is aging nicely and will get darker as he gets older.  Any of these birds can be cleaned up with a ketchup or lemon juice bath and rub, but it would take away some of their character. 

All of the clasps on this page are for sale and the price is $13 including first class mail shipping or 2 for $23.  

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