Saturday, 19 September 2009

This is my new blog!

Since I rarely have anything exciting to say, I've created this blog mainly for my jewelry business.

As you can see from the montage, I still create beaded jewelry but my two new loves are silver clay and argentium.

Argentium is the same percentage of pure silver as sterling but the composition of the "other" 7.5% alloy is mainly germanium, instead of the copper used in sterling.  It doesn't tarnish like sterling silver.  It is more expensive to buy than sterling silver but well worth the extra expense.

Silver clay is an amazing mediums for a jewelry artisan.  Invented by the Japanese, it is microscopic particles of pure silver suspended in an organic binder.  It can be rolled, sculpted or painted on and when it is fired, the binder burns off and results in .999 pure silver.  It truly becomes "wearable art."


  1. Susan, love your blog and especially your jewelry. I will save and continue to follow you.

  2. Oh, you brave woman! I'm thrilled to see you blogging and will follow you, of course :) I'm fascinated by the argentium - must look into that. How lovely not to have to worry about tarnishing, a huge problem with Toronto smog. Best of luck!