Monday, 21 September 2009


This marquise set of B grade turquoise has been sitting on my bead board for over a month.  It is a special set that required a special setting and it underwent several transformations.  I finally decided that the stones were too beautiful to do anything but accentuate them with some silver beads.  So here it is in its final incarnation - just a short necklace with sterling and gorgeous turquoise and a silver-plated Swarovski belt buckle clasp.
Price: $65 Canadian

I made two pairs of matching earrings, either of which would complement the necklace or look terrific just on their own.  One pair is a matching marquise turquoise dangling from a sterling ball.   The other pair is a caged turquoise nugget.  Earrings are $20 per pair.

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  1. Love these, especially the caged nuggets. Beautiful set, very original. You rock!