Friday, 10 December 2010

Things That Have Really Impressed Me This Year

This blog post isn't a commercial, even though it might sound like one.  I was opening my emails this morning and got an eflyer from a bead seller and thought how much I loved their stuff.  And that led to thinking that I had never heard of them until this year and it would be nice to make a list of my favorite things so other people could check them out as well.
So I'll start.  I know I'll forget some so this will be my end-of-year project and I'll post them as I think of them.  This post has three:
Beads Of Cambay (and sister company "Give Me More Beads.")

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Their stock of gemstones and semi-precious gemstones are drool-worthy and if you watch their sales flyer or their specials, you can pick up very impressive, high quality stones reasonably.  The sister company, Give Me More Beads, is almost like the "specials" department of other companies, because they have lovely stones and some great deals.
I put an order in to both and they were quick to respond, quick to ship and I might never be able to part with some of the stuff I ordered.  Sigh.  You should see the faceted African Opals.  And the pyrite nuggets.  I'm right in love with them.  One of the things I really like about the shipment is that every strand was actually tagged with what it was  and the price.  Have you ever ordered beads, filed the invoice away and not used the gemstones for a few months?  When you go to use them, they have this little coded tag on them that you don't understand and you can't remember if those were your Indian agates or your jasper.  Or what you paid for them. impressive company and I will certainly be ordering from them again.  And again.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot, they have silver/copper twisted rings and beads - very handy.

Kate McKinnon's Books:

From Recently Updated

From Recently Updated
I think everybody should have a copy of all of Kate's work.  Not for the projects.  I sell my work and don't want to make somebody else's design and sell it as my own.  But for the "aha!" moments.  The things I've been taught or read from time-to-time and forgotten.  For the little shortcuts I've taken that compromise the integrity of any piece I've made.  If you read Kate's books from cover to cover, you'll learn so much or remember so much.  Her specialty is the structural aspect of any piece of jewelry and that focus and knowledge will make any piece that you make heirloom quality.  Reading her books or watching the DVDs that come with them is like taking refresher courses from a Master.  Well, I guess it IS taking refresher courses from a Master.  Anyway, those two books and one of her bead stringing notebooks, are the best I've bought in a long time and I'm a compulsive book buyer. They'll make me a far better craftsman.

Susan Boyle's The Gift

 Bliss.  The woman has such a wonderful voice.  I'd say I could live on a steady diet of her and Josh Groban but my country side would start to whine after a while.  Just give me music, it makes me happy and beautiful music fills me with joy.

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  1. I love Susan Boyle, too, and will buy her new album. Her story is very inspiring. "Channel of Your Peace" is also known as the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi; it's beautiful. Can't wait to hear Susan's version of "Hallelujah," Leonard Cohen is one of my heroes.