Saturday, 11 December 2010

Things That Have Really Impressed Me This Year, Saturday Dec. 11, part II

Karen, Nadine and Jake

I own a little convenience store here on Prince Edward Island.  We're open from 7a.m. until 9:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. in the summer.  I couldn't get along without good help, and right now, I have very impressive help.
Karen is semi-retired and works three days a week and that allows me to sleep in three days a week.  She is eminently impressive because she treats my business like her own and actually cares about it and me.  And my dogs.  If I need or want to go away, I couldn't do it without Karen babysitting the store and the dogs.  She is just an impressive person.
Nadine is a typical 19 year-old, working to pay for her cell phone and her car, and some day in the near future, she will move on and get a better job.  But she's a sweetheart and the customers love her.  I find Nadine impressive because she has been waiting with great anticipation and just finally got the operation for a breast reduction.  She is slim and gorgeous and it is so unusual for a single young woman with great attributes to want to go down, rather than up and out.  It took great courage and a rare mind set to understand that although every guy in the area admires big breasts, it wasn't worth the backaches.  Five pounds of impressive.
Jake is a fiery red-haired and freckled fourteen-year-old.  He's impressive because he's so incredibly responsible for any age and a great worker.  He'll go places, some day.  Right now, I'm very glad that for the past six months, his place after school is behind my counter. 
Am I lucky, or what?

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  1. Good people in one's life are such a gift. Sounds like you've found many friends in Bedeque. Must be a great place to live :)