Saturday, 11 December 2010

Things That Have Really Impressed Me This Year, Saturday Dec. 11

What wonderful products!  I got their herbed garlic sea salt and their red garlic sansel (no salt condiment) and will have garlic breath forevermore.  I make my own gluten free bread in a breadmaker and any of you fellow celiacs will know it's just not as good as the other stuff.  BUT, now I'm adding a tablespoon of the Epicure herb and garlic mix (sense a theme here?) and some crumbled old cheddar and it's the best bread I've ever tasted, toasted or plain.
I got their coated grill pan, a square frying pan with raised grills and not only does it cook perfect hamburgers and chicken breasts, it practically rinses off afterwards.  Hmmn, let me see, what else did I get?  Haven't had time to try everything yet but I think tonight or tomorrow I'm going to make gluten free pizza with herbed crust.  I might just go into garlic withdrawal, but I'm thinking of trying their pesto herb mix for the crust.
I seriously like this stuff, enough that it comprised the bulk of my Christmas presents to my parents and my son, so that should tell you how much it impresses me.

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