Sunday, 13 February 2011

Copper chain maille Necklace With African Opals

I had such fun working on the Inca Puno or box chain chain maille pattern (complete with toothpicks) mentioned a few posts past, that the chain just grew and grew. Then I got a design in my head and decided I needed two equal lengths to create it, so I made another one. But before the second chain was equal in length to the first chain, I blew my Koil Kutter blade to smithereens (yes, I wear safety glasses!) and it got put aside until Dave Arens sent me a replacement.
The chains sat on my buffet on a teatowel that was the repository of several unfinished products until the day that I moved a string of African Opals to the work in progress towel (yeah, yeah, other people have work benches, I have a work towel)and decided the opals and the copper were made for each other. This is a piece that I'm really pleased about and I hope you like it.

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  1. LOL...when I had to send in my "studio" to ArtFire to apply for the Handmade Artisan Artifact, all I could really send was my card table full of a confusion of beads, and a picture of my big easy chair, which is in point of fact my crochet "studio"...a work towel sounds about right..
    I saw a plain but fabulous chainmaille neckchain on a guy at my flea market two weeks ago, and I've decided that I need one..we'll talk..