Thursday, 17 February 2011

Doggy Update

From Corky

Corky is settling in very well now, although he's even shyer with strange people than Dewey. As you can see from the pictures, they've both staked out their spots and they don't leave much room for me. I get the chair. The dog beds don't get a lot of use. Corky wouldn't care if I shoved him over and sat with him; he's kind of a rubber dog and the only end that moves is the end that you lift. If I want to have an afternoon nap, I have to lift one end, slither myself under him and then pry the other end up with my feet. He thinks that's just fine and would be quite happy going through life as a comforter. The closer he can be to someone or something he loves, the happier he is. I've never had a dog that was that clingy, especially one that big!
And speaking of size, luckily we only went through two days of indoor lakes and mountains. The third day he chose his spot outside and has used it ever since.
It would be nice to be free to travel or visit but it seems to me that two loving creatures that find a way to make me laugh every single day, are well worth being tied down.
From Corky
Ahhh, bliss!

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  1. So glad to see Corky is acclimating himself to his new home. Actually, I think dogs are even better than cats at thinking they are a comforter or, as with my little Yorkie, a pillow. Corky is a beautiful looking doggie and I wish you many, many happy years together.