Sunday, 1 April 2012

It Just Doesn't Get Any Better

A chock-full day of sunshine and good things!  Along with working in the store, dog lessons and an evening play date for both dogs and working a little more, I had four glorious hours sailing the Northumberland strait in a fishing boat, on a gloriously calm sea in glorious sunshine.  It was a last minute invitation so I forgot to take my camera and this is last year's slightly cloudy picture of the Confederation bridge pylon.  (It hasn't changed.) We played thread-the-needle with the pylons, admired the soaring windows of cottages, worried about the shrinking of the Island with the eroding shoreline and decided it was too nice a day to think about rising seas and expensive shorefront houses with their feet almost in the water.  We marveled at the expansion joints of the 13 kilometre bridge that look like big gaps in the structure from below, and the fact that we were having an ice-free sail in sunshine on April 1st. 
And I marveled that Charles, a fisherman and on the water his entire life, can still take such pleasure in just being on the water and sharing that with his family and friends.  He's taking a crew of divers out every day while they check the Maritime Electric underwater cable between PEI and New Brunswick and that will barely be done before scallop season starts.  You'd think that he'd like to spend his Sunday off away from his job but luckily for the rest of us, he loves what he does.  He's a remarkable man and he and his wife epitomize the generosity of spirit of so many Islanders.  Lucky me!

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  1. Lucky you indeed! I love being on the water too, and haven't been in many years..I thought when i moved to this Island it would happen, a lot, but haven't met anyone here who even has a boat..or at least no invites in three years..:{ ah well, have my memories, and glad you got this opportunity..looks like a lovely day...