Sunday, 8 April 2012

Tronex Pliers Update

I said in a previous post that basically, I was just as happy with the cheaper Wubbers as opposed to the Tronex.  After making a rosary, I've changed my mind.
For most of my work,  I still prefer the Wubbers.  As said, they suit my big hands.  But doing a million (at least) little closed loops and fitting silver chain on a lot of those loops, I couldn't have done as well without those lovely, fine chain-nose Tronex pliers.  My hands and wrists didn't get sore from repetition either.  The plier handles are just as big but the nose itself is quite narrow.
So, Tronex company, I apologize for maligning you.  When you're doing fine wire work or a million (at least!) little closed loops, the Tronex pliers win hands-down.
If only my eyes were as good as the pliers.  It'll take me the rest of the day to be able to see well enough to upload some decent pictures of the rosary.  If I got any. 

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  1. I agree it is so important to have pliers that fit one's hands. I have small hands so I had to purchase small pliers for chain maille work.