Tuesday, 7 September 2010


I've been having great fun with all my scrap silver and the tiny crucible from Lacy Tools in Toronto.  Each melt turns out so differently and this one has kind of an organic look.  In "person" you can look at it and see a dolphin, flowers, leaves... one of these days I'll learn how to take a good picture of silver.
I put a 4 mm rhodolite garnet in the centre and a 2 mm lab-grown ruby on one side.  
Putting the stones in the bezels, I learned something important.  I either have to get a third hand and a magnifying glass or never, ever use 2 mm stones again!  I still don't know if it's right-side up or upside-down. 
Not sure what I'm going to use this piece for.  The fun was in the making.


  1. This piece is gorgeous! I'm excited to attend a PMC class later this month. I've always wanted to to try this sort of thing!

  2. Oh, lucky you! Silver clay, to me, is the perfect blend of jewelry making and art. I wish there were classes here on the Island, but I had to learn by books. (Kate McKinnon's is the best.)
    The pendant isn't metal clay, it's scrap silver from old projects and I just melted it with a torch.

  3. That is pretty!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, you were right, it's a cantelope!

  4. Great piece, realy love it. I am sure You will finde a perfect place for it.